Materials recycling industry this summer does not slow

"since new year, less money than selling scrap, less than 5 cents a kilo of newspapers are sold. "Recently, when many people sell scrap, scrap prices of cheap talk about something. After the Spring Festival this year, all kinds of scrap prices sharply "diving". Compared with the Spring Festival this year, at present, the waste paper purchase price per pound dropped 7 cents to 4 cents from 5; scrap metal prices dropped from catty 1.5 Yuan to 0.8 Yuan; by catty 29 old copper prices dropped to 22 ... ... Materials recycling industry into the cold winter months.

retail: less scrap price falls 41% make a hundred

"scrap iron from a pound in the year 1 a pound of 5 fell to 8 cents, a pound of copper from old 29 fell to 22 Yuan a catty, ordinary mineral water only 5 cents a bottle recycling. "The Chaoyang Xue of the Green near a recycling point, Hedong District master, turning his mind books, told reporters," the 80% scrap prices have fallen. "Compared with years ago, scrap prices dropped an average of 40% per, newspaper recycling more be down catty 4 5 Mao, coming up with low purchasing price of the last two or three years.

"a load of scrap selling 600 Yuan yesterday, I just made a profit of more than 100, in the past when the market was good, this car is to make two hundred or three hundred. "Riding with tricycle received waste of week master frown to told reporter, recently several months, waste price special badly, with received with sold of retail, day at least less earned near 100 block," price pressure too low has, public simply on put waste threw has, also not sold has, near received rags of has go has 4, and 5 a people has, I now day received full a car waste are difficult. As it goes, I'll gladly do. , "Zhou said.

company: half lost near 100,000 can't received single received goods

in Hexi District a scale is unlikely to of waste recycling company in, free to no thing of workers are side lazy to drink with tea, side and reporter chat, "this half to, company of income status day than day bad, hand in of goods, not sold is every day pressure with, sold has instead lose money, business status are Miss 2008 financial crisis when has. "According to the company of head introduced, since this year Festival after, regardless of is copper, and iron, and aluminum, also is newspaper books, everything things are in kept price, half more to basic declined one-third, some even drop has half of price," is Shang rent, and hydropower, and labor cost, Festival Hou we has lost has almost 100,000 yuan, hand in pressure of a goods fundamental didn't approach shots, now loss increasingly big has. ”

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