Recycling Ting Li is a good man

reporters went to the fujiang River Jingjiang Rd, Hebei district North community interview, residents told reporters his community "green Angels" recycling kiosk operator Li responsible, good faith, by the residents trust the story.

when reporters came to the recycling kiosk, happen to have on-site, Li back pedal a tricycle. Car with a discarded washing machine, sit alongside washing machines master--the community of Uncle d. Li said: "Ding ye go to buy food, I Shun him for a while. "The

reporter asked:" how much money washing machine? "

he replied:" 80 Yuan, collected just flows on the road offers 100 Yuan, but Uncle d was sold to me. "

Ding uncle, reporters asked quizzically:" Why sell Li? "

Uncle Ding told reporters:" the washing machine doesn't work, if sold as a used appliance, rip-off is harmful, as electronic waste what went where, bad for the environment. Sold to Xiao Li, assured me that he will direct to the Centre for dismantling. "

Uncle Li Ting's confidence stems from something a few months ago. "I have something to sell that day Xiao Li, to the gate of the recycling kiosk, heard two people being persuaded Li sold recycling of old appliances, they sold in the secondary market, Li earned more, but Xiao Li firmly rejected them, I was very moved. "

he said:" If the two men cooperate, each old appliances can make ten or twenty of them, increase the income of thousands of Yuan a month. I make a living from Anhui, although economically difficult, but think of the waste household electrical appliance into the market again to entrap others, into or out of the dismantling of illegal vendors damage the environment, I made up my mind, must not pursue personal gains, which is contrary to good conscience thing! "

at this time, more than 70 year old Granny Wang tremble came to the two batteries in the hands of Li Hui. She said: "every time I finish household batteries for Xiao Li. He told me that batteries can't throw, will pollute the environment. To him, my peace of mind and peace of mind. "On one cool grandma Yang says," led by Xiao Li, environmental awareness of residents in this area intensified. We sell scrap all looking for him because he won their trust. ”

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