Family extra material recycling

     "although I'm not donate much, but this is what I love. Hope that children in poor mountainous areas can and, like me, enjoy the happiness of my childhood. "This morning, celebrates the" Children's Day "and the" children's edge "child domestic surplus material recycling project launch ceremony was held in the provincial centers for women and children.

the project is supported by Chinese Tzu Chi Association provincial women's and children's activities organized by the Centre of a long-term support activities to assist children in poor mountain areas, was intended to send poor children to a warm at the same time, foster children's love, let them experience the joy of helping others, and cherish today's happy life.

the day received a total of more than 5,000 pieces of clothing, books, toys and other goods. According to the provincial centre for women and children in charge, they donated items will be responsible for finishing, issued by the transportation and track the entire process, ensuring that each item directly into the hands of children in poor mountain areas.

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