Reducing waste and recycling business taxes

       at the third plenary session of the national people's Congress meeting, NPC Deputy Zhuang Zhensheng recommendations in our province, reducing waste and recycling business taxes.

in its recommendations, said Zhuang Zhensheng, the national new iron and steel industry "Twelve-Five" programme makes it clear that, by transforming the pattern of economic development, resource utilization, energy-saving emission reduction technology innovation process in iron and steel industry from big to strong. Visible, comprehensive utilization of resources is one of the national initiatives to encourage the transformation of development mode in iron and steel industry and iron and steel enterprises in the era, the best way to reduce production costs through energy saving. Waste (scrap) is the best raw material for steel, recycling steel scrap recycling belongs to the development of circular economy, in line with the policy on resources comprehensive utilization encouraged by the State.

recommendations continue to scrap preferential tax policies, and supports the development of scrap steel producers of renewable resources, help using scrap steel to produce steel companies transforming the pattern of economic development, reduce the tax burden, but also for the national steel comprehensive utilization of resources to provide a broad space for development.

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