State-owned assets in recycling efficiency

     "stay at home, a mouse, you can through the network takeover bid, I think this platform specifications, scientific, convenient, fast, and true fairness and mutual benefit. "Speaking of waste material benefits of online bidding, says a recycler.

recently, the company focused organization in ultra high pressure branch in the province of Hebei in the e-commerce platform to the national grid and used materials online auctions using this system will auction 2011 sixth instalment of used materials. Online bidding system was officially launched November 1 e-commerce platform used materials to make fundamental changes in waste disposal management, from extensive management to intensive management, on-site auction online bidding, waste disposal to openness, fairness and justice is established platforms, reducing human intervention, avoid a commercial phenomenon, truly sunshine disposal. Waste online bidding can not only improve the handling efficiency, reduced operational costs, achieve sunshine disposal, fully embodies the disposal of waste "sangong" principle, can also avoid malicious prices and other bad behaviors of collectors, and effectively improve the recycling of waste residual benefit of State-owned assets.

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