Lack of hotels in waste material recycling

       Chengdu throughout the country started "hotel supplies, scrap recycling" project. It is understood that the Chengdu hotel "six small" items such as most are unable to degrade the material, after a single use are disposed of as domestic waste. In future, Chengdu city's promotion of hotel supplies, scrap recycling, expects annual cost savings of millions of Yuan. Meanwhile, recycling also reduces the impact on soil, groundwater and other natural environments. Haikou hotels in six small pieces of what about recycling? Yesterday, the commercial news reporters to visit some hotels in the city. &Nbsp;     Haikou, a hotel manager told Xinhua, Hainan also did not take scrap material recycling project. He said that usually a five-star hotel to produce 500 kilograms of waste material each month, four star hotels 200 to 300 kg per month. One year down, hotels in processing these waste materials is a hefty expense. Therefore, City star hotel can only choose from the source environment, biodegradable materials, such as slippers, all using straw woven together. Consumption of disposable products such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, were used after the sort away.

"some small hotels for recycling, but this recovery is not the same as in Chengdu. Such as a toothbrush, how can guests be toothbrushes that have been using it? Only such as shower gel, shampoo, toiletries, if left a little more than the dollar, and then to the next batch of customers. "A hotel official said.

, President of the Hotel Association, Zhang Hui said in Haikou, Haikou started long before promoting the use of plastic products made from biodegradable materials, purchased the hotel try to use low-carbon eco-friendly products. Haikou now six small pieces, mostly biodegradable materials used in the packaging, only items such as toothbrushes, combs only use biodegradable plastic products. However, these six small pieces of processed by most hotels had contracted to the company for processing.

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