Inspired material pick-up recycling

      Beijing-inspired material recovery with strong economic strength, abide by the principles of honesty, in long-term business activity in the warm and thoughtful service, good business reputation to win the trust of many customers, and get a good reputation in the industry. For a long time, our domestic enterprises, departments and units, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, research institutes to establish a stable cooperative relationship, as the business continues to expand and grow, partner in the further expansion of the scope.

1, and metal resources recycling: "various copper, and brass, and aluminum, and health donkey, and lead, and zinc, and Tin, and stainless steel, all rare"

2, and hotel equipment recycling: "stove, and's Taiwan chairs, and carpet, and Xi Mengsi bed, and air conditioning all hotel supplies"

3, and building waste recycling: "wire cable, and tube buckle pieces, and finished steel, and semi-finished products steel, and various waste steel and the various scrap equipment,"

4, and industrial equipment recycling: "waste frozen equipment, and cable , And battery, and motor, and machine, and elevator, and transformer, and boiler, all warehouse backlog material "

5, and plastic waste paper recycling:" bulk recycling books newspaper, and yellow pull paper, and various waste plastic, "

6, and office supplies recycling:" Office Chair, and conference table, and furniture, and screen, and desk, and desk, and file cabinet, and computer, and fax "

7, and decorative material recycling:" various doors and Windows, and Cabinet, and floor, and wood are, and chandelier "

8, and Plant demolition project: "building, the demolition of houses, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, garbage removal"

business scope: specializing in a variety of non-ferrous metals, plastics. Large machine tools, industrial scrap, warehouse backlog, cleaning copper, aluminum, zinc, lead, waste batteries, all waste materials such as stainless steel and various computer consumables.

in order to save your money, resources, and better for our environment, I hope your strong promotion of material recycling, and we will do our utmost to promote the common development of both sides.

service tenet: honest, fair, trustworthy, reasonable price, equality and mutual benefit.

the Centre promises to pay cash! long-term cooperation contract with the manufacturer, price consultation. Welcoming units have used materials and personal contact to discuss recovery issues, to provide successful business information business Commission.

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