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Office building of gray-and-black, green grass, clean paved roads, if not see Porter was busy from the truck over to recycle old appliances classified in the storage basket, it is hard to imagine this is a specialized enterprise of disposal of electronic waste.

not long ago, I arrived at Beijing's Tongzhou district majuqiao huaxing environmental company waste household appliances and electronic waste recovery and disposal plants, this is established by the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission, but one by one e-waste recycling company. State appliance "old-for-new" policy, Beijing 16 winning companies recycling waste household appliances were sent here for dismantling.

used TV how to collapse

into the spacious old household appliances dismantling workshop, I saw more than 10, dressed in a blue-and-white uniforms, head helmets, eye goggles, workers wearing dust masks, are about 20 m-long conveyor belts for assembly-line work on either side of the stage. Storage bags or placed next to each table storage baskets to hold under the immediate dismantling of parts.

a used TV set be onto conveyor belts, workers use welding melt off the solder, then the plastic casing with a chainsaw and a glass picture tube separation, shell is placed into the storage basket. Then, workers use industrial vacuum cleaner suction tube attached to the dust, and then through the belt goes to the next link. Speakers, circuit boards, deflection coil around the screen was dismantled in turn, and bevel glass picture tube screen glass is separated. Last step is most important, workers use industrial vacuum cleaner suction attachment on the inside Panel glass toxic Phosphors, and leaded glass cone into the storage basket staging. The entire process takes approximately 20 minutes.

breaking down materials, huaxing environmental companies to bring available copper, iron and plastic, sold as a renewable raw material-related companies and raw materials; to Cone glass containing lead and other hazardous substances, are paid to the harmless treatment of hazardous waste treatment enterprises, and only have a hazardous waste operating license of companies included in the scope of delivery of the company. Meanwhile, huaxing company also set up a review of the system, for WEEE from dismantling the dismantling process of flows of strictly monitored to prevent into the hands of illegal enterprises and vendors, resulting in pollution of the environment.

channels expand recycling channels

huaxing environmental company Marketing Department introduced yuanjie, the company most of the e-waste recycling from the Beijing Municipal Government offices and institutions, thanks to the good policies of the Government. In April 2007, the Beijing municipal development and Reform Commission and Finance Bureau jointly issued a document requiring the Beijing Municipal Government organs and institutions of discard the electronics junk be free to huaxing environmental protection company for processing.

on August 11 this year, home appliances, "the new-for-old" policy implementation brings more supply to huaxing environmental protection company. In accordance with the relevant policies, recycling companies will ensure freight subsidies, which greatly improves waste recycling and dismantling the incentive. As of October 10, the designated recycling enterprises 87549 old appliances have been sent to the base, employees can be disassembled to handle 3000 a day or so.

in addition, Hua XING company in preparation for the flea market and all major electronic Mall-emplacement or establish regional e-waste recycling station, further expanding the company's recycling channels, assume more social responsibility.

each employee has the skills to

"WEEE recycling demonstration project of Beijing" of corporate, huaxing company of waste household appliances and electronic waste recovery and disposal plants has dismantled equipment of the leading domestic level, the annual disposal of old appliances capacity to 300,000 units.

for recycling and dismantling more and more complete variety of electronic waste, huaxing environmental protection the company constantly improve the hardware. Building in the of base two period engineering, will introduced abroad large broken points selected equipment, to 2010 official input using Shi, years processing old appliances capacity will up 1.2 million Taiwan, production mode will from "to artificial split solutions mainly, and mechanical split solutions supplement" change for "to mechanical split solutions mainly, artificial split solutions supplement", split solutions range also will from now to TV computer mainly, expand to refrigerator, and washing machine, large appliances.

at a time when improving the hardware facilities, huaxing environmental protection company also continue to enhance the level of software. In order to facilitate active trading community on e-waste, huaxing company also opened a hotline for two free trading and "huaxing environmental protection" offer online trading platform. In addition, in order to improve the workers ' production skills, huaxing company also strengthened the training of new staff, let them master the production line processes and in the production of security matters. In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff, the company also plans to launch "dismantling technology competition" and other activities. For now, the company's employees have a technical skill, work, regardless of which position vacancies are filled in a timely manner.

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