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PETG performance applications

PETG: polyethylene glycol-modified polyethylene terephthalate (Chinese name)

Typical applications: medical devices (tubes, reagent bottle, etc), toys, displays, light jacket, protective mask, refrigerator crisper drawer plates and so on.

injection molding conditions: drying: drying is required before processing. Humidity must be less than 0.04%. Recommended drying conditions at 65 ° c, 4 hours, attention to drying temperature of not more than 66 degrees Celsius.

processing melt temperature: 220~290℃.

mold temperature: 10~30℃, recommendation 15 ℃.

injection pressure: 300~1300bar.

injection speed: can be used without cause embrittlement of high injection speed.

chemical and physical characteristics: PETG is transparent, non-crystalline materials. Glass transition temperature was 88 degrees. PETG plastic injection molding process allows broader than PET, with transparency, high strength, high and wayward characteristic.

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