svw material recycling companies with strong economic strength and diversity action, adhering to the "professional management, fair trade and honesty" business purposes, in the long run, trust and support by many enterprises, and establish a good reputation in the industry. For many years engaged in a variety of waste materials, scrap metal, plastic, electronic components, electronic foot. Wire, and Tin gray, and old production equipment, waste recycling professional for strictly specification of foreign, and foreign-funded enterprises and the domestic medium enterprises acquisition waste and processing backlog commodity, Shanghai Volkswagen waste recycling, and Shanghai waste recycling, and Shanghai waste copper recycling, and Shanghai Electronic recycling, and Shanghai chemical recycling, and waste recycling, and waste copper recycling, and electronic recycling, and chemical recycling, and recycling waste, and recycling waste copper activate Enterprise idle assets, treasure, resources cycle, and regeneration using.

with the development of Shanghai's industrial, high recovery companies are manufacturers of industrial waste, scrap metal, old production equipment, electronic components, plastics, is designed to make the higher economic efficiency of enterprises, reduce operating costs, accelerate the pace of urban construction. But also for the vast number of enterprises has increased more, and greater competitiveness.

company principle of seeking truth from facts, local, foreign, foreign waste shipment of goods, mutual credit for it. Domestic, cash settlement of transactions, bank transfers and foreign payments, delivery, L/C credit as is. Price based on a long-term cooperation and mutual benefit as the prerequisite, do business with friends, customer first, constant majority of local and international cooperation, enhance exchanges in various friends around.

companies in all kinds of scrap metal recycling, working at the same time, efforts to expand Intercity, international markets, recycled materials and industrial raw materials for the factories, mines, enterprises and supply. Svw material recycling company sincerely welcome to visit and discuss business, we would like to provide you with the best quality service and create a better tomorrow.